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Dear Mohamed:
I am not going to tell you how good Dream Tan is. I am first going to narrate a story that I've experienced. First time I used Dream Tan was in the year 2000, needless to say I was the best tanned athlete at the show. Of course the combo of my conditioning and Dream tan helped me win. The following year, I was competing at the biggest show of my life, to my dismay my luggage which had six jars of Dream Tan in it was lost. Dream Tan at that time was scarcely available, but I was lucky enough to find one guy who had an extra jar. He asked me for $150 for it backstage, it was the best money I ever spent. Needless to say I won the whole show. Thank you Dream Tan for helping my dream come true.

Sincerely yours,
Mo Anuti

Dear Sirs & Madams,
On May 31 I used your product called Dream Tan in the South Texas Bodybuilding Championships held in San Antonio, Texas (which I placed lst in the Open Division). My sponsor Doug Pruitt owner of ADVANCED SPORTS NUTRITION in Austin Texas said that this was a professional product. He was right! The application was easy and not messy. The color was very natural and could easily be obtained with one coat.  After you have applied your color, you can wash your hand and they're clean. I applied  my color for the morning prejudging show then during the day did some site seeing to  pass some time before the night show. After walking in the Texas summer sun, my tan  was still there; and it still looked natural. I only had to apply a light second coat for the  evening show. I have used the Pro-Tan before and did not like looking like Pocahantas three days before a show; and the streak look until it all washed off. I have never used the Jan-Tana; but have seen how messy it becomes. I told everybody that I talked to about your product and how my sponsor could get this product for them. Back at  the hotel the bathtub and towel were not stained because your product just washes right down the drain. This will be a product that is a basic necessity for me on all my contests.

Coral J. Tyson
Austin, Texas

Dear Mohamed,
I'm writing to let you know what a wonderful product I think Dream Tan is. I am a very fair Skinned person. I do not tan at all, and I have tried every product on the market in an effort to get a tan suitable for competition. People who tan cannot begin to understand the trouble a fair skinned person goes through  to get a competition tan. There is nothing worse than to be in peak condition only to find  that your tan has left you looking green, orange, or even dirty looking. This is the
problem 1 faced every time I competed, until I tried Dream Tan.

Dream Tan, by far, is the best tanning product I've ever used. For the first time since I began competing, I received compliments for how dark and smooth my tan was. Thanks to your product my tan will no longer be a liability when competing.

Michael S. Furci
Westlake, Ohio

Dear Mohamed:
I've enclosed my "before" and "after" photos from the EAS contest so you can see what a sheet-white individual I am and what your product did for me. Between not tanning well naturally and being concerned about skin cancer, I never sit in the sun or visit a tanning  salon.
Not only did I have no base tan, but I've never used the product before so had no  experience putting it on. But Dream Tan went on like a dream, very evenly and easily. I'd  done my back up to about the waist then had to wait about ten minutes for my husband to  finish the job. Even with that, there was no demarcation line. Since all I wanted to do was be tan for photos, I only put on one light coat, but I would imagine a second would have made me colorful enough for a competition stage.

The stuff seemed to come off easiest with shampoo or liquid soap. I've never been so well exfoliated in my life! The product also comes off woodwork very easily, especially if you tissue it off immediately. That's a very nice feature because there is no way anyone is not going to not touch something they shouldn't.
Now if you could only figure out a way that this stuff would stay on like this for a few days I'd be forever grateful.

Best regards,
Rosemary Wedderburn
Santa Maria, California

Dear Mohamed:
Your tanning product Dream Tan is great! It really is a dream tan, being far superior than all other tanning products I've used (Pro-tan, Jan-tana, self tanning creams). Dream Tan not only gives you great competition color but also goes on and comes off with ease, leaving no residue. I would highly recommend your product to any competitor.

Mohamed, you are a genius!

Sincerely yours,
Lawrence D. Lewis
New York